Home Maintenance Services

Home Maintenance Services Melbourne

It is worth the task to make a small repair in the house or unit. Convenient support service for private units and houses, it is a set of measures, from plumbing to repair and finishing works, allowing you to fully equip any room. We will help to implement any repairs and will keep your home in perfect order. Life in your home will be comfortable and of high quality.

Classification of home maintenance services in Melbourne

Repair work is usually subdivided into property maintenance, renovation and reconstruction.
Home maintenance services repair is work on the surface, aimed at ennobling the appearance of the room.
Renovation repair is aimed at comprehensive improvement of the premises, involving replacement of communications, complete removal of the old trim and communications with the replacement of them with new ones.
Reconstruction is a more complex version of renovation, which also includes work on moving the partitions.

Under a home maintenance services means a set of works to update the appearance of the premises, which, however, on the level falls short of renovation repair, but requires a smaller budget.

When and how are home maintenance services done?

Home Maintenance services in Melbourne should be carried out in those cases where a fundamental change in design and furnishings in the rooms is not required. That is, the concept of minor repairs applies when, for example, faded paint walls, frayed flooring, and on the outlets and switches formed permanent scorch marks. Supportive repair does not involve any alterations or replacement of interior decoration, communications or electrical wiring.

The list of basic works performed by masters of maintaining repair:

  • Treating windows, soffits and baseboards.
  • Repairing or replacing outlets and switches.
  • Cleaning clogged pipes.
  • Minor repairs to electrical wiring.
  • Replacing water taps.
  • Laying or extending telephone or internet cable.
  • Fixing minor defects in the ceiling and walls.
  • Inserting new locks.
  • Installation of chandeliers, sconces and lamps.
  • Suspending mirrors, cornices, and other wall-mounted interior objects.
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly work.
  • Connecting electrical equipment and household appliances.

Of course, this is not a complete list of home maintenance services, which can perform our masters. At the request of customers we can install downlights, paint the walls, change the tiles, put a new floor covering, assemble furniture, replace plumbing, etc.

Home Maintenance Service Warranty

When you hire us for home maintenance services you get a warranty on all of our work. We are interested in a long term business relationship with our customers and give all warranties on the work we do.

We also give special price conditions for loyal customers.