Сommercial Property Maintenance

We provide professional management and comprehensive maintenance services for Melbourne commercial buildings and facilities. Our clients include property owners, developers, investment and construction organizations, tenants, municipalities and other facility operators.

The operation of buildings and offices is a complex of measures to ensure the normal functioning of engineering systems and the entire commercial facility as a whole. Our company offers a full range of services for the operation of buildings and facilities. Depending on the terms of the agreement, the service can be comprehensive or separate types of maintenance, maintenance and repair works will be performed.

Сommercial Property Maintenance Services in Melbourne

Offices, shops and industrial premises, and various commercial premises require maintenance every 4-5 years. In some cases, a cosmetic refurbishment is sufficient. The frequency of renovation is determined by the conditions of use, the condition of the cladding, and the class of the building.

When a commercial property is redesigned, complex design work is carried out. Choosing a reliable contractor is a top priority for the owner of a commercial property. A poorly executed project is not only a waste of budget but also a serious business risk.

Our advantages

By contacting us, you can entrust all the small repairs of your commercial property to a team of professionals.

Deadlines. We commission the object strictly according to pre-approved work plans. The standard term of commercial refurbishment is 1-3 months. The time of work depends on the area of the object and the tasks set.

A full range of repair work in one company. We carry out the whole range of work from the design project to the installation of utilities.
Every renovation is a multistage process. Particularly time-consuming work is needed to renovate commercial premises that are in a poor state of repair. The range of works in this case includes not only finishing, but also operations to replace old communications, windows and doors, and electrical networks. A comprehensive renovation allows for maximum comfort.

Book a visit of a specialist now to find out the approximate cost of repairs in the coming days. We will help create a comfortable environment for your employees, as well as take care of all the permits.

Ask questions to our manager and we will answer as soon as possible.