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    Prolong HM provides professional plumbing and electrical maintenance, management and comprehensive building and facility maintenance services to Melbourne and the region.

    We can service your building, organisation and enterprise with all its infrastructure. You no longer have to worry about the technical condition of your electrical networks, building part, water pipes, cleaning of the premises, preservation of interior and exterior finishes. We will take care of all your needs. all the work involved in the operation of your building.
    We will take care of all your building maintenance needs. You no longer need to be distracted by domestic issues. You can concentrate entirely on running your business.

    We offer a range of services for the efficient maintenance, upkeep and repair of buildings. The responsibilities of building owners and tenants are defined by law. It is therefore mandatory that all building services are maintained and that the efficiency of the work is systematically monitored by the responsible authorities. If you are interested in proper maintenance of buildings and offices in Melbourne, contact the professionals. We are qualified experts with extensive engineering experience and carry out all work strictly in accordance with current regulations and requirements.
    Our company possesses advanced equipment, which is necessary to identify and rectify some of the problems with the operation of the structures. Each specialist admitted to the site has a solid range of engineering knowledge and can easily identify even the smallest faults.

    Facilities and office maintenance is a set of measures to ensure the proper functioning of engineering systems and the entire facility as a whole. Our company offers a full range of building maintenance services in Melbourne. Depending on the terms of the agreement, the service can be comprehensive or separate types of maintenance, sanitation and repair work will be carried out.