Bathroom Maintenance Elwood

Maintenance of the bathroom should be done not only beautifully, but also with all the technical and hygienic requirements.

In a small bathroom we use a light color scheme. The choice to fall as a basis universal base colors: white, gray, brown, beige. They can be complemented by discreet natural shades: green, orange, blue. Combine the finishing materials for the walls. This will not only save money, but also make the space more interesting. A universal combination is paint with tiles, decorative panels or wallpaper. A monochrome set will add to the bathroom austerity and elegance, and bright towels, robes and mats, on the contrary, will enliven the neutral interior.
Use built-in spotlights for the main lighting. And for the area around the mirror, depending on the style, you can choose a beautiful LED lighting or accent sconces, which will become a beautiful decorative element.