How to fix a hole in an internal door

How to fix a hole in an internal door

Interior doors need to be handled with care. The lightweight construction is easy to damage. Chips, cracks and dents are caused by improper use and mechanical damage. However, minor defects can be repaired yourself.

Causes of damage

Interior door frames made of fibreboard, chipboard, MDF and other lightweight wooden materials are not very resistant to various types of damage. Too much moisture in the air and inadequate drying agents can lead to rotting of the material. Hinge misalignments and box misalignment can cause the construction to grind, loosen or splinter. Peeling off of the top layer of the leaf can be caused by incorrect cladding.

But the most common damages are cracks, dents and holes. Most often, such defects are caused by heavy mechanical or impact loading. For example, when furniture or household appliances are moved, the door structure may be damaged. What should you do in such a situation and how do you repair the hole in the door yourself?

How to fix the hole in the interior door

Any maintenance repair works in the flat or house begins with the determination of the problem difficulty. Minor damage does not require the intervention of specialists, cope with such repairs can be made by yourself.

Preparation of tools and materials

First you need to understand what to seal the hole in the door, if it is an interior door. So, in the process, the following materials and tools will be needed:

  • construction knife;
  • a medium-width spatula;
  • paint brush;
  • sandpaper of different grit (or grinder);
  • construction adhesive tape;
  • assembly foam;
  • solvent;
  • filler;
  • polyester or epoxy resin;
  • paint compound for woodwork;
  • wood primer

If a hole needs to be filled under a door or a box needs to be repaired, a spirit level, a pencil, a tape measure and hinge grease are useful.

How to repair the hole in the internal door: step by step instructions

hole in an internal door

Repair work is carried out in a horizontal position. The construction is removed from its hinges and placed on a clean and even surface.

Before closing the hole in the interior door, smooth out the edges of the hole with a construction knife and fill the interior space with newspaper, paper or cardboard. Such measures will lighten the weight of the construction, give it strength and reduce the consumption of the installation foam. Then proceed to fill the hole with assembly foam.

After the foam has dried completely, start scraping away. Remove the remnants of the foam with a knife. Note that only large pieces of foam can be removed with a knife. The smaller remnants must be removed with solvent. Otherwise new scratches and cracks may appear on the door surface.

Apply a layer of epoxy resin to increase the strength of the construction. Putty is applied on top. Each subsequent layer is applied only after the previous one has dried completely. The dry putty is finished with a grinder or fine sandpaper. Apply primer and paint. Now you know how to fill a hole in a door made of fibreboard, chipboard or other wood material.

How to fix a hole in an MDF door without an open gap

It is not always the case that a wooden door is damaged openly, but the presence of dents and other imperfections also require repair.

You will need a drill and drill bit to evenly fill the interior space and prevent the construction from bending. Drill a few holes in the wooden panel. Insert the tube of the can with the assembly foam into the formed holes. Fill the interior space with foam. Work carefully to avoid deformation of the construction.

The next step is to level the door leaf. You can use the construction foam. This kind of work requires certain skills, as the material must be applied evenly. The next step is no different from the previous one.

Decorating the door leaf

In conclusion, let’s deal with the question of how to decorate the damage. How to repair an MDF door with a hole – we have understood. Decorating does not require any special skills and abilities. The simplest options are:

  • Cover the treated area of the hole with a mirror or any other decoration;
  • stick self-adhesive decorative film;
  • Hang up a poster or collage of your favourite photos.

The tips and tricks outlined in this publication will help you repair damage to your interior door frame with your own hands. Now you know how to cover and decorate a hole in the door.